A Special Announcement

IC Frith & Associates (WA) are proud to announce a major partnership with a highly reputable client – the Car Craft group. For those who don’t know, Car Craft is the longest established organisation of its type in the motor body repair industry in Australia.

With a network of professional business throughout Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland (with more to come throughout other states) the group’s workmanship, customer service and business system is second to none!

Established in WA in 1987 as Car Craft Panel & Paint the group has grown and has a large group of quality smash repairers that are the recognised leaders in the smash repair industry. Car Craft Accident Repair Centres are the first choice of the motoring public for smash repairs and motor vehicle maintenance.

With membership only available by invitation, Car Craft ensures that all of its repairers work to enhance the image of their company and maintain the standards of quality workmanship and superior service expected from every repair centre.

The modern motor vehicle is not what it used to be, just as the IPhone has revolutionised how we communicate and how we now work in such a short space of time so too has the modern motor vehicle.

The vehicle of today has more computing power than all the Apollo missions to the moon, it has the ability to see what is in the darkness ahead, if there is a vehicle next to us in another lane it can even park itself.

And all this technology and so much more is controlled by sometimes up to 27 computers which monitor everything from how your drive, it can monitor your comfort, allows you to drive freely knowing that the 27 and sometimes more computers are also monitoring you and your families safety.

The modern vehicle also has unique steels to ensure that the cabin remains intact like a safety cell, these components also have sensors that ensure that airbags engage in milliseconds, that anti-lock brakes assist you to keep control in emergency and the seatbelts tension just a the right time if you are involved in an accident.

And if you do have the unfortunate experience of an accident all these systems must be repaired the correct way by trained body technicians who know that there can be only one way to fix the modern vehicle and that compromise is not an option.

You need to ensure that if you do need to have your vehicle repaired that you choose the right repairer and that you have the right to choose.

Car Craft service providers understand the need to provide high quality repairs in the shortest time possible, whilst at the same time managing the whole process – including assistance with making insurance claims if necessary as well as repairing your vehicle.

Car Craft businesses are equipped with the most state of the art equipment and possess the expertise and experience to ensure you receive a quality repair using the most suitable and correct method in a timely manner

If you’re ever unfortunate enough to be involved, or have someone within your business be involved in a car accident then don’t hesitate in contacting a Car Craft accident repair centre! They will always be willing to help and can work with IC Frith & Associates (WA) to remedy any insurance issues in the shortest period of time so that you can get back on with your everyday life!