Protection and Indemnity Insurance

Protection and Indemnity Insurance Specialists. Liability coverage for watercraft used for business purposes. This might include marine and diving contractors who use tugs and barges, as well as ship, yacht and commercial vehicle operators (like bareboat, six-pack, head boats or demise charterers-lessees who take full control of a vessel).

Machinery Breakdown Insurance

Machinery Breakdown Insurance Specialists. If your business relies on heavy machinery to operate, make sure you have the cover in place to protect yourself if it breaks down or if parts are damaged.

General Property Insurance

General Property Insurance Specialists. General Property Insurance is designed to cover your contents that are taken off site, such as mobile phones, laptops, tools of the trade, electronic equipment, and light machinery.

Fire & Perils Insurance

Fire & Perils Insurance Specialists. Fire & Perils Insurance provides cover for your buildings, contents and/or stock from damage caused by any sudden, unforeseen or unexpected events like fire, storm damage, earthquake, lightening and accidental damage.

Farm Package Insurance

Farm Package Insurance Specialists. Farm (Rural) Insurance can protect your farming assets, whether you own a hobby farm, are a grazier or run a small or large regional farming operation.

Electronic Equipment Insurance

Electronic Equipment Insurance. Most businesses rely on electronic equipment and data to keep their business ticking along. This type of insurance can cover both the equipment and data media from sudden and unforeseen losses.

Commercial Marine Hull Insurance

Commercial Marine Hull Insurance. If you have a commercial vessel such as a charter boat, tug, supply vessel or tourist craft operating in in-land and coastal Australian waters, it pays to protect yourself financially against the unexpected.

Aviation Insurance

Whether you own and operate aircraft, own an airside property, work in an airside environment or supply products used in aircraft, we’ll help you do what you do, with greater peace of mind. Insurance for Aviation.

Caravan Insurance

Insurance for Caravan

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