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Weather Insurance Protection.

If you are worried about the weather – rainfall or temperature – causing you loss of revenue and profits, there is insurance protection that can help. 

Aviso Climate & Weather, powered by Aviso WA Insurance Brokers, is now offering Parametric Insurance to the Western Australian Agriculture sector.

Parametric Insurance (or also known as Weather Certificates), once the domain of only the large Mining and Construction industries, is available and now protecting Australian Farmers for Temperature and Rainfall covers.


These covers, which can be taken at critical times of the Crop Growing Cycle, are used as part of your overall Risk Management process.

Effectively you can arrange Insurance covers for:

Too little rain.

Too cold.

Too hot.

Too much rain.

Rural insurance

As each of the names suggest, each grower can now take one or more of the above covers in combination or individually, which are specific to their own unique and individual exposures.  

With 100 Years of BOM Data now available, the specific covers and premiums generated will differ from grower to grower, even in similar regions, due to the history of that specific peril, and how often it has occurred in the past.

If you wish to discuss further, please contact your local Aviso WA Broker.

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